Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Welcome to Crushing On...! I started this blog to share my loves, lusts, wishes, products, ideas, and to create a forum where others can do the same.

A quick intro: I'm a twenty-something girl who loves my dogs, getting a good deal, and a hot cup of coffee (or twelve). I love reading, shopping, fresh sheets, and good music. I can also be random when making lists.

Now that we're practically BFFs, here's what I'm currently crushing on...

1. Marc by Marc Jacobs Simone Striped Skirt

[image: shopstyle.com]
Add a tank, some fun wedges, and voila! Instant summer chic!

2. My iPad 2
[image: apple.com]
 This little gadget is my first major purchase from Apple. It is so.much.fun. I'd like to say I'm using it for scholarly pursuits and downloading the MIT app - but let's be honest here: I'm mostly playing Angry Birds and Scrabble. It's very user friendly and fits in my purse. It's possible I may be beyond crushing on this...I fear I'm officially obsessed.

3. This post I found via one of my favorite blogs, A.Co est. 1984, called "A Better Life In 100 Ways" on Dragos Roua's personal development blog.
So inspiring. I've only read down to # 32, because I'm trying to really absorb what each section is saying. I've found myself referring back to it over and over this week, and can't wait to finish it!

So, everyone - what are YOU crushing on today? 

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